A Partial Denture Can Replicate the Essential Function of Multiple Missing Teeth

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Dental trauma and untreated tooth decay are two potential causes of tooth loss. When two or more teeth are lost in a specific area it can certainly hamper your ability to efficiently process food. Some patients also experience changes in the clarity of their speech and the appearance of their smile.

In a situation such as this a dentist like Dr. Neal Emad can help you understand your dental restoration options. After he assesses the severity of the problem and the available oral structure in that part of your mouth he will present you with a viable treatment plan.

In a case where a dental implant supported bridge is counter-indicated, our dentist might recommend a partial denture. It is a removable oral appliance that will be designed to replicate the essential shape and function of your missing teeth.

The partial denture will incorporate a pink material that mimics the appearance of natural gums at the base. It will closely match contours of your oral structure to help the unit fit firmly and comfortably in place.

Many patients with a partial denture also like to apply a small amount of denture adhesive when they install the unit each morning. It can provide superior hold while also helping to block out stray food particles.

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