Carrots and Two Other Foods Great for Your Mouth

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Recently, knowing what a healthy diet is comprised of has been difficult. And working on a balanced diet is imperative not only for your weight but also your oral health. In regards to your pearly whites, foods lower in sugar will be healthier for you, though virtually all foods have some sugar. Read about the foods below and find out why they are healthy for your teeth:

Almonds. Almonds contain tooth-increasing compounds, and they’re also low in carbohydrates and sugar. Their take-on-the-go nature means that you can enjoy them at work or school; you won’t have to hit up the vending machines for food anymore if you pack a few almonds.

Apples. Apples are a little different relative to the other items on this list since they’re relatively high in sugar. The oral health benefit from apples comes as you chew them. To chew an apple, your mouth produces a lot of spit, and that spit rinses out bacteria and acids from your oral cavity. It’s not exactly as powerful as brushing your teeth, but eating an apple is an awesome way to clean your oral cavity when you’re away from home!

Carrots. Carrots are a light treat that can be awesome for your teeth. They’re not super sweet, so they won’t make absurd amounts of bacteria in your oral cavity like candies or sodas might. And because they improve your creation of saliva, they help battle cavity-causing bacteria.

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