Dental Veneers Are Made from a Special Type of Porcelain Material That Resists Stains

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Problems with chronic dental stains can often be linked back to certain lifestyle habits, such as tobacco use or the daily consumption of dark beverages. At the same time, certain foods like chocolate, dark berries, and tomato sauce can also increase your chances of developing dental stains on your front teeth.

If your teeth suffer from significant dental stains you will likely find retail level tooth whitening products to be ineffective and frustrating. Worse still, some of these items can potentially harm your teeth and gums.

A dental bleaching treatment performed by Dr. Neal Emad can safely remove significant dental stains. However, if the initial source of the dental stains is not altered, the effect will only be temporary.

In a situation like this Dr. Neal Emad might recommend replacing the faces of each tooth in your smile with dental veneers. They are constructed from a special dental grade porcelain-ceramic material to closely resemble natural tooth enamel.

Once they have been created in a professional dental lab, Dr. Neal Emad will cement them onto the faces of your teeth. This will provide you with a glistening white smile that will resist future dental stains far better than natural tooth enamel.

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