Restore Your Smile With Dental Damage Treatments and Care

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To make sure your smile is adequately treated and protected from the risks of dental damage, always make sure you are practicing effective lifestyle choices and preventive habits to ensure that any damage that could arise is minimized or eliminated altogether. Be aware of risks in your life that are putting your teeth in harm’s way and eliminate them as needed.

As a teen, the last of your adult teeth begin to grow in. When your wisdom teeth begin to erupt in your mouth, it can lead to several forms of dental damage. If your dental profile is already filled and wisdom teeth are growing in, they can place additional pressure on nearby teeth and cause overcrowding to occur. In some cases, they may not fully grow in or alter other teeth. When your wisdom teeth begin to grow in, you will want to visit our dentist for a checkup and examination for tooth decay, infection or issues associated with malocclusions such as crossbites.

In some cases, dental damage can be prevented. If you are smoking or chewing tobacco, using drugs, wearing mouth jewelry or playing sports without the use of protective safety equipment, you are putting your teeth and gums at risk of several forms of dental damage. To combat this, always use effective safety gear and avoid habits that can potentially damage your smile.

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